Barcode Software

The Solution for Pharmacy: RxTOOLKIT® and BarTender®

A new system to meet new needs. Just let RxTOOLKIT know how many printers you need for label printing in your hospital or pharmacy and leave the rest to us.

RxTOOLKIT began using BarTender Software by Seagull Scientific for label design in 2004. The necessary requirements for our label design were:

  1. Flexibility of barcode symbology including the ability to print 2-D barcodes
  2. The ability to use Tall Man text
  3. Font flexibility
  4. Ability to do calculations within the context of the label
  5. Ability to print on several different printer platforms


BartenderWe chose BarTender because it not only met our expectations, but has also exceeded them. Our labels are now recognized as meeting all of the standards for pharmaceutical labeling as stated by ISMP.

BarTender has recognized our developments and is featuring RxTOOLKIT in it’s marketing program highlighting our innovate use of the software’s capabilities.

BarTender is the world’s leading design and print software for labels, barcodes, cards and RFID tags.

When integrated with RxTOOLKIT, BarTender is the perfect labeling solution for your hospital pharmacy.


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